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Archive for July, 2007


Shrek The 3rd

I managed to sneak out to see Shrek the 3rd last weekend under the guise of “taking my kids”…


I have to say that whilst I did enjoy it, and even laugh at a few bits, I found it dissapointing.

I guess it’sprobably because I’m used to the format and the characters, and even the jokes, from the first two.

For the third movie in a series it’s not bad, but there was nothing really fresh somehow, and my kids felt the same way.

Favorite bits: -

Pinochio trying not to lie

Puss trying to do his “big sad eyes” whilst in Donkey’s body

and Eric Idle as the Hippy Merlin the Wizard.

they’re going to have to do a lot better if the decide to make a fourth, otherswise it’s gonna kill the series…

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