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Archive for August, 2007


The Good Shepherd

I’m always a sucker for a movie that Angelina’s in, but she doesn’t play much of a roll in this one, it’s mostly Matt Damon and it’s mostly very confusing…

I did enjoy it, and I think I got most of what was going on, but I’m going to have to watch it again to really get it all! :)

My wife on the other hand gave up after just 15 mins.

This is not an “easy watch” movie, but if you enjoy a movie full of intrigue, twists and turns, then this should be right up your street!

Just be prepared to give it your full attention, or you’ll probably be lost before tyou get half way through.


Outlaw and Shooter on DVD


I missed this one at the Cinema and only just managed to get hold of a copy this week on DVD to watch.

I remember seeing the trailers and getting the impression that it would be a big time action/fight scene movie, but it’s a lot slower than I was expecting.

It is good, but not quite what I thought it would be, although the ending was better than I expected.

Sean Bean is damn good as the slighlty mad and angry ex-soldier, and Danny Dyer shows once more why he’s such a cool up and coming actor.

There are a few bits where it seems like the movie is unsure of where it’s going and I was left wondering whether it was going to get better or worse, it did neither, it just plodded along to the twist at the end.


The Bourne Ultimatum

Having thoroughly enjoyed the first two Bourne movies I’ve been looking forward to this one and it didn’t fail to please.

I did manage to persuade some mates to come along on this one and we were all of the same opinion when it was over, “wow, that went quick”, which is always a goos sign for a movie.

It literally grabs you by the scruff and zooms you through the whole thing with the fast paced action and typically brutal Bourne style fight scenes.

I’m not sure it would stand so well on it’s own, if you watched it without seeing the other two first, it probably wouldn’t work, but having seen the first two, you know what to expect and it delivers.



Friday Morning, 10 am and I’m sat in the Cinema with a bucket of popcorn watching Transformers all on my own, literally, the Cinema was empty!!

I’m going to have to assume that it was empty because it was so early on a Friday, so people were either at work or still at home, as the movie was pretty good.

I admit I was watching it on my own as none of my mates were keen on coming to see it, they claimed they were too busy working and couldn’t take time off, but I reckon it was more a case of not wanting to go watch a “kids” movie…