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Archive for September, 2007


Shoot em Up – Death By Carrot


this is the most fun movie I have watched since Severance, it just rocks!

right from the start you know this movie is going to be a non stop ride of pure adrenalin and fun, with little to no brain activity required…

One of the bad guys in the opening scene is killed with a carrot, need I say more!


the plot is irrelevant, the acting is good enough and the action scenes are sometimes so over the top I couldn’t stop laughing. For a film that’s not a “comedy”, there was a heck of a lot of laughter going on in the theater…

The corny one liners thrown out by both Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti serve as a constant reminder that this is a film that’s not to be taken seriously, at all.


Narnia & The Incredibles

One of the many advantages of having kids is that it’s a perfect excuse to watch kids movies now and then.

We’ve been having a lazy day today and watched Narnia and then The Incredibles, both of which I’ve seen before, but I’d forgotten just how good they are.

Kids movies seems to be better made than a lot of adult movies now, and the incredibles is an excellent example of a movie that’s obviously been deisgned to make the parents laugh and enjoy the movie, as well as the kids.

I actually find myself looking forward to the follow ups for these movies, assuming that they will do them of course…

It would seem like a “no brainer” for Narnia, as there are another 4 books to go from memory, I read them all when I was a kid, more than once as I remember.


my favorite TV shows

The TV rcording boxes (Tivo, Sky Plus etc.) have changed the way I watch TV, as I can now just watch my favorite programs when I feel like it and not worry about missing anything, unless my wife has set something new up that causes a “clash”…

I’ve actually found I end up watching less TV, as I’ve always got a backlog of my favorite shows, I’ve become a lot fussier about what I spend time watching, so what do I take the time to sit down and relax with….?

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – This is pretty damn good, it’s not just funny, but topical and quite clever, with an ongoing plot that’s actually got a little depth to it.


Guy X

I picked up this DVD as a birthday present for myself as it looked to be a bit of an “off the wall” comedy that could be quite good.

Jason Briggs plays a US Army private who ends up at a top secret miltary base in Greenland thanks to a mess up.

The camp turns out to be a pretty mad place with all sorts of “characters” that spark some fairly amusing moments, but there’s no real big laughs to be seen.

The “secret” that the base is hiding, and apparently no-one other than the “top brass” knows about, is never really explained, and apart from some funny moments with Puffin’s, the plot never really gathers pace.

This is another movie that I feel didn’t quite hit the mark, I couldn’t say where it went wrong, but it never seems to really get going.


Ghostrider with Nicholas Cage

I’m a big fan of movies based on comics, especially the Marvel stuff nowadays, as it tends to be pretty good.

I’m also familiar with the Ghostrider comic, although I never read more than a couple of issues, so I waslooking forward to seeing the movie…

The special effects are pretty cool, but the whole thing was let down for me because there never really seemed any doubt that the Ghostrider was going to win, so the movie never really “grabbed me”.

It’s not one of Nicholas Cages best performances, but then┬áthe plot, scenes and dialogue he had to work with were unlikely to stretch him, at all.

If you’re just looking for a Marvel super hero action movie that’s not going to tax you’re brain (at all), then I guess it’s ok, but don’t expect much.