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Archive for October, 2007


Kieffer Sutherland Arrested

Seems like the star of one of my favorite shows has been arrested for DUI (Driving Under the Influence of alcohol), and apparently it’s not the first time.

Kiefer Sutherland has been sentanced to 48 days for his somewhat ill advised decision to drive after one too many, although he was apprently only twice over the legal limit, and I’m guessing he’ll probably be out sooner than 48 days, so it’s not likely to cause any problems for him being on board for the start of filming for series 7 of 24.

Perhaps the judge missed a chance for some irony though, he could have just given him 24 days…




It didn’t seem to have the edge that the earlier pixar movies did, but that may be because I’ve become used to Pixar delivering such impressive movies.

Both myself and the kids laughed quite a lot, although not always at the same spots, there weren’t as many adult “in jokes” as there have been in past pixar movies, but certainly enough to be enjoyable as an adult, and the kids walked out with a smile on their faces.

My son said afterwards that it seemed quite short, even though it was 111 minutes long, so I guess he was drawn in by the story.

The plot has not particular surprises, but is good simple fun, although it wasn’t tough to guess what was coming next.