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Archive for May, 2008


Indiana Jones Rides Again

My kids managed to drag me away from my desk this weekend to go watch the new Inidana Jones Movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Although it’s well over a decade since the last Indiana film, my kids have seen the others on TV enough times that they’re big fans, but I admit I was wondering if Harrison Ford could still pull it off, as he’s not exactly a spring chicken anymore…

I shouldn’t have been worried!

The movie is classic Iniana and I enjoyed it just as much as the kids.

Harrison Fordis joined by Cate Blanchett as the “baddy”, as well as one of my favorite UK actors, Ray Winstone, John Hurt and up and coming Shia LaBeouf, so there’s an excellent cast who are also on top form.

hmm, I guess you’re probably not here to find out why I haven’t posted a movie review since Feb, so I’m not going to bore you with the life stuff that happens now and again, we all have it, better I just get back in to the purpose of this blog…

oh, and my apologies for being a movie slacker recently!

So, having got my divorce and house move (see how I still managed to sneak it in anyway..) out of the way I can start enjoying going to the movies again, espoecially as it’s now in walking distance.

My first movie since Feb was Deception, and I didn’t manage to find a review on it was kind of a blind viewing, but I was feeeling fairly confidant that I’d enjoy it as it’s Hugh Jackman, Ewen McGregor and Michelle Williams, who is (imho) more than a little hot…


Robert Downey Jnr is IronMan

What can I say, this movie shows just how good it can be to take a popular old comic and turn it in to a movie.

I’ll put my hand up right now as a big comic fan, I don’t still collect (too busy blogging nowadays), but I used to collect comics big time, I still have a large collection of X-men, Spidey, 2000AD etc.

We’ve had some excellent comic to movie conversions over the last few years, the X-Men and Spiderman being good examples, but who else liked Hell Boy? I did…

So there’s two questions I wanted answered from the movie…

a. is IronMan a good conversion from the comic?
b. Is it a good movie that non comic fans would enjoy?