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Archive for March, 2012


John Carter

John Carter, the movie

Matt’s Review:

This is one of the easiest movies to describe that I’ve seen in ages, it’s simple, mad fun!

The plot doesn’t really hold any surprizes, but it doesn’t need to, it entertains, it does ok at getting you to ‘engage’ with the characters, although sometimes it can be difficult to tell who’s who amongst the horde, and it drives along the action fast enough to keep you involved.

The movie’s not exactly short, at 2 hours 12 mins, but it really didn’t feel that long, there was only one short section where my interest started to waver, and it didn’t last.

I especially enjoyed the bad guy asking the ‘uber’ bad guy why he’d given him the ‘super weapon’ if he won’t let him kill anyone with it… lol!