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Archive for December, 2012

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Movie Review

Fans of The Hobbit everywhere were surprised to see director Peter Jackson sticking to the original book instead of making up entire plot lines that held no relation to what the book originally was. Although some creative liberty was taken in order to put the movie on the silver screen, the book’s true intent remains almost as faithful as the words that Bilbo scrawls in his leather journal at the beginning of the film.

However, in stretching the movie out to turn it into three parts, Peter Jackson was able to give full attention to the little details that make The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey such a delightful and lasting tale. Careful attention is paid to the details of the twelve dwarves, including personalities and classic lines. This will have any fan of the novel jumping over themselves in excitement to see their favorite dwarf finally brought to life on film.