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A Good Day to Die Hard Movie Review

To begin this A Good Day to Die Hard movie review, the history of the series should be touched on. Back in 1998 Det. John McClane was just another person looking to take a cross country flight, in the hopes of seeing his estranged wife Holly. However, Hans Gruber stepped in and put an end to that.

Today, he is an alcoholic whose wife has left him. His injuries are extensive and in 2007 he reunited with this estranged daughter during a cyber-terrorist plot. So it makes sense that in this 2013 outing, he would try to be father of the year, by taking on evil henchmen in Russia with his son. Fortunately, you will find in this A Good Day to Die Hard movie review that things don’t all go downhill from here.

While the premise sounds good, the movie lacks an important element. That is the essence of John McClane. In previous films, he was fun, witty and had some substance to him. In his place, Bruce Willis plays Bruce Willis who answers to the name. With a lack of humor and really anything stellar, the film does have a few great action scenes, although if you pay full theater prices for it, you probably aren’t getting your money’s worth of entertainment. Even the classic, “yippee ki yay” is tossed around in a manner that it becomes a rusted memory of how iconic it once was.

That doesn’t mean that John and his song Jack (Jai Courtney) aren’t going through a simple bonding experience either. Instead, Jack is a member of the CIA and they are on a full fledge explosive mission. With numerous explosions, giant orange flames, crashing vehicles and the obligatory slow motion action scenes, the movie is typical fare for John Moore.

What you do get though, is a movie that has brutal honest and a new crew of bad guys you can’t wait for McClane to bust up. The film is well paced and the dialogue, while it does focus heavily on parenting, doesn’t take away from the overall essence of this film. For the series fan, this is a great way to revisit a classic character that has gone through four different terrorist attacks, only to find himself still at the New York City police department, where he has been since the 1998 film.

Anyone who is looking for a good action flick that easily passes a couple of hours will find that this film does his the spot. There will visually be enough that a home movie rental or cable screening would find that the time wouldn’t be totally wasted.

While this would be a fitting end to the series, Bruce Willis has stated that McClane would toss in the towel after sixth film. It will be interesting to see what direction the franchise takes, especially if it revisits the formula that made the original trilogy so breathtaking in the 80s and 90s. After all, John McClane could use a strong sendoff into the setting sun.

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