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M Night Shyalaman’s The Happening, starring Mark Wahlberg

I like Mark Wahlberg, but perhaps he should stick with movies that area bit more action based, in this one he just looked confused most of the time, but then I guess it is an M Night Shyamalan movie, which can be a bit “confusing”.

I’m not a big fan of M Night Shyalaman’s movies, although I’ve watched most, this one just seemed to be more “confused and going nowhere” than usual, I’ve enjoyed previous movies of his more than this one.

The “shocking” bits don’t really shock, and it really doesn’t work as a “scary” movie, so apart from reminding us that we’re really not looking after the planet very well, this movie doesn’t seem to do much.


Taken Movie on DVD Review

Taken Movie on DVD Review, starring Liam Neeson

I enjoyed this more than I expected to, whilst it’s not in the same league as the “Bourne” movies, it is a solid action movie that zips along at a good pace.

The plot doesn’t throw up any truly surprising twists, but Liam Neeson makes the most of what there is to work with and makes a convincing “p’d off dad”.

The action does have a few “that was convenient” moments, but isn’t over the top, and there are a couple of classic moments in it, like Liam Neeson telling the kidnappers that he will find them and kill them when his daughter is first taken.

Would I watch it again?


Transsiberian Movie Review

Transsiberian, starring Woody Harrelson & Ben Kingsley

I was expecting a lot more from this movie, there’s some good actors in it, but the plot just doesn’t really deliver, it’s just too predictable.

The plot “twists” were easily spotted and the acting didn’t manage to make up for this, perhaps because there wasn’t that much for them to really work with, especially as the characters are a touch stereotyped with no real depth.

There’s a few bits of nice scenery to see, but the movie kinda of plods along without gaining the pace that you expect. The action scenes aren’t over the top or unbelievable, but also somehow fail to deliver any real excitement.

Not a movie that I’ll be bothering to add to my collection…


10000 BC Movie on DVD Review

10000 BC Movie on DVD Review

I didn’t go in to this movie (on dvd) expecting much, and yet it still managed to disappoint, in just about every way possible…

for a movie that’s going to have to rely on special effects to a high degree, they really did suck!

the Sabretooth in the pit was so unbelievable, both the visuals and the storyline, even my kids laughed, and they’re usually pretty easy to keep happy in this kind of film!

I guess 10,000BC is an kids action/adventure movie, so you don’t expect a compelling storyline, but the action and pace of the film never really grabs you either, so I guess the only saving grace is that it’s not a long movie…

if you haven’t watched this yet, I’d recommend skipping it.


Robert Downey Jnr is IronMan

What can I say, this movie shows just how good it can be to take a popular old comic and turn it in to a movie.

I’ll put my hand up right now as a big comic fan, I don’t still collect (too busy blogging nowadays), but I used to collect comics big time, I still have a large collection of X-men, Spidey, 2000AD etc.

We’ve had some excellent comic to movie conversions over the last few years, the X-Men and Spiderman being good examples, but who else liked Hell Boy? I did…

So there’s two questions I wanted answered from the movie…

a. is IronMan a good conversion from the comic?
b. Is it a good movie that non comic fans would enjoy?


Samuel Jackson learns to Sing

Black Snake Moan on DVD

I could say more about this movie, as there are some pretty funny moments, although most of them were in the trailer..

but the main memory I have of the movie is simply that at the start Samuel Jackson doesn’t seem to be able to sing very well, at all, and then towards the end of the movie I was actually enjoying the blues band performance in the bar.

I think I’m going to have to watch it again to work out what happened..


Guy X

I picked up this DVD as a birthday present for myself as it looked to be a bit of an “off the wall” comedy that could be quite good.

Jason Briggs plays a US Army private who ends up at a top secret miltary base in Greenland thanks to a mess up.

The camp turns out to be a pretty mad place with all sorts of “characters” that spark some fairly amusing moments, but there’s no real big laughs to be seen.

The “secret” that the base is hiding, and apparently no-one other than the “top brass” knows about, is never really explained, and apart from some funny moments with Puffin’s, the plot never really gathers pace.

This is another movie that I feel didn’t quite hit the mark, I couldn’t say where it went wrong, but it never seems to really get going.


Ghostrider with Nicholas Cage

I’m a big fan of movies based on comics, especially the Marvel stuff nowadays, as it tends to be pretty good.

I’m also familiar with the Ghostrider comic, although I never read more than a couple of issues, so I waslooking forward to seeing the movie…

The special effects are pretty cool, but the whole thing was let down for me because there never really seemed any doubt that the Ghostrider was going to win, so the movie never really “grabbed me”.

It’s not one of Nicholas Cages best performances, but then┬áthe plot, scenes and dialogue he had to work with were unlikely to stretch him, at all.

If you’re just looking for a Marvel super hero action movie that’s not going to tax you’re brain (at all), then I guess it’s ok, but don’t expect much.


The Good Shepherd

I’m always a sucker for a movie that Angelina’s in, but she doesn’t play much of a roll in this one, it’s mostly Matt Damon and it’s mostly very confusing…

I did enjoy it, and I think I got most of what was going on, but I’m going to have to watch it again to really get it all! :)

My wife on the other hand gave up after just 15 mins.

This is not an “easy watch” movie, but if you enjoy a movie full of intrigue, twists and turns, then this should be right up your street!

Just be prepared to give it your full attention, or you’ll probably be lost before tyou get half way through.


Outlaw and Shooter on DVD


I missed this one at the Cinema and only just managed to get hold of a copy this week on DVD to watch.

I remember seeing the trailers and getting the impression that it would be a big time action/fight scene movie, but it’s a lot slower than I was expecting.

It is good, but not quite what I thought it would be, although the ending was better than I expected.

Sean Bean is damn good as the slighlty mad and angry ex-soldier, and Danny Dyer shows once more why he’s such a cool up and coming actor.

There are a few bits where it seems like the movie is unsure of where it’s going and I was left wondering whether it was going to get better or worse, it did neither, it just plodded along to the twist at the end.