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Dredd Movie Reboot

Dredd Isn’t a Film to Dread

Any dedicated fan of the hit comic series, 2000 AD knows how sacred Judge Dredd is. Despite showing up in the second issue of the series back in 1977, this character is perhaps one of the most beloved comic book characters in the UK’s history.

After the horrific film in 1995 starring Sylvester Stallone, it comes as no surprise that one would enter this film and looking at any Judge Dredd movie review with some degree of skepticism.

Fortunately, there are plenty of pros going for this movie. Director Pete Travis looked at the problems with the 1995 film and began to right the wrongs. An example is that Dredd never takes off his helmet this is true to the original comic book series.

The jumbled plot of the previous film was also ironed out and a linear plot line was introduced that helped to keep the action in full force, without stalling too much.

Even the atmosphere in Megacity 1 is something that is unique. This city feels authentic, rather than focusing on CGI that can often take away from a film.

In fact, the 3D and CGI used in this film help to create an honest project, rather than a clichéd mess filled with hype. Travis seems to have taken a lot of time investing in the story and visual picture, to create an authentic film.

Of course, the true life of the film comes from the effortless portrayal of the titular character by Karl Urban. You may know him as Bones in the new Star Trek movies. On film, he gives some life to Dredd and gives a powerful performance; even when the costume isn’t quite similar to the one found in the comic book series.

The problem is that in real life, Dredd’s costume would never work and it would fit strange. How it is presented in the film is classy and even the most devoted fan will agree it is well done.

As any good Judge Dredd movie review will point out, the titular character isn’t someone who has a lot of growth. There is no humor in the character and the personal arc isn’t one where a character grows and finally has an amazing revelation.

That begin said, Dredd is presented exactly as he should be. Karl Urban presents this character in a true rendition ripped from the comic book and gives a performance that would make any comic book fan proud.

Of course, no good Judge Dredd movie review is complete without talking about the plot. In this film, a drug is used that gives the sense that time around the individual using it slows down. Travis takes this side effect and uses it to enhance the storytelling by delivering some incredibly crafted scenes that have starling realism.

Those looking for evolution and true character arc will find that Cassandra Anderson is giving the proverbial tale of growth and finding herself.

When combined with the violence, language and other risqué elements, it isn’t a movie for children, but it is a powerful movie that will have comic book fans cheering that there is finally a Dredd movie that is deserving of the name.

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