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Hangover 3 Movie Review

Hangover 3 Movie Review

Any Hangover 3 movie review you will find is going to mention that the third film is the perfect end to the trilogy. They will also contain spoilers for the film itself, so that should be taken into account. As the film opens, Mr. Chow escapes a foreign prison, then the focus turns to everyone’s favorite man child Alan (Zach Galifiananakis) is driving down the freeway with a giraffe in an attached trailer. While driving down the road, he focuses on everything but what’s in front of him and the scene plays out in a very predictable manner.

What then follows is everything from Alan’s father dying, a quick funeral scene and the decision to take Alan to a rehab facility. However, the old gang believes they owe it to Alan to go to the facility as a group and to have one final outing as the wolf pack.

In fact, if you’ve seen the other two movies, you pretty much know how this film will go down. While the film doesn’t fall back on the drug induced visions and crazy antics of the first two films, the third introduces John Goodman as a goon that wants to take out the evil, Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong). However, Chow is in hiding and only Alan who played his pen pal in prison, is able to get him to show his face.

Goodman wants the gold Chow stole returned to him. Chow agrees to help them by breaking into his old home. As the narrative continues, it becomes painfully obvious what is going on and everything just seems to continue on the downward spiral that has plagued this film series. Greed, power and drugs are all major themes that begin to come to light.

While it can be said that the film itself is fun, if you were a major fan of the first two films, this departure feels like a stranger coming to dinner, in place of your old friend. The jokes can be the same, their shtick might feel familiar, but when all is said and done, you don’t feel like you’ve had the same degree of experience.

Despite the feeling that closure is coming, there is one unique star who gave a little life back to the franchise and opened it up for a potential sequel. Melissa McCarthy plays the female version of Alan as a coarse pawn shop owner who charms her way into Alan’s heart. The chemistry seems authentic and you can almost feel like the pair had a good time hanging out together. For those who make it through the ending credits, the premise for a spinoff is presented. If it ends up being made, is left to be seen.

Overall, as you can see in this Hangover 3 movie review, is that the film, while fun, doesn’t add anything groundbreaking to the genre, like the first film did. It doesn’t take the humor to the next level and ending this part of the series now seems like a relatively good choice.

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