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I am Legend, I think…

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this movie as I’d not seen any of the previews, but it sounded interesting and I usually like Will Smith’s films, so I took the chance and grabbed some popcorn for the journey.

Im not going to say I was dissapointed, as it was certainly an entertaining movie, but it kind of left me wanting/expecting more somehow, I just can’t work out why.

I guess because there’s so little character interaction, it could be because you don’t really build up that much of an “relationship” with Will Smith’s character.

Probably the only time I really felt for Will’s character was when he had to kill his “best friend”, although even that seemed a little hollow, possibly because you could see it coming so easily.

The cut scenes revealing what happened to his family didn’t really grab me for some reason.

The ending managed to still be a happy “hollywood” ending somehow, even though not totally.

Having said that, I did enjoy the movie and I will probably even watch it again when it comes on tv.

There are some also excellent scenes in the deserted New York, although I’m not sure where the lions and large herds of deer came from, perhaps they all escaped from the zoo…

as well as some cool scenes with the “bad guys”, although my favorite were probably Will racing through the empty streets of a deserted New York chasing deer to kill.

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