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I Am Number Four Movie Review

I Am Number Four Movie Review

Gemma’s “I am Number Four” Review

I am Number Four is, in my opinion, a great film.

It is very much like Jumper in the way that it has been done, but it has more of superhero tint on the main characters, especially with the whole good versus evil plot.

The effects in it are brilliant, and a lot more believable than in many other recent films.

The main character in it is Alex Pettyfer, who has been in several teen films such as Wildchild, but he is not my favorite character.

I think Timothy Olyphant and Dianna Agron play their parts very well, and I was heartbroken when Henri (Timothy) died around the half way mark.

The film seemed to have most of the action at the end of the film, with the beginning just being a story and build-up to the fight.

Bits of romance were also intertwined to entertain a wider audience.

I will be thrilled to go and watch if a sequel is made, although I doubt it will be as good as this one is. I will definitely be buying this to add to my DVD collection when it comes out.

I would rate this at about 8/10.

Sam’s Review of “I am number Four”

The film is about nine young children who have fled their planet with their guardians to escape a race of bloodthirsty murderers who are attempting to exterminate all the planets inhabitants.

The nine children arrive on Earth and must go into hiding to avoid being butchered by vicious assassins from the race that destroyed their planet.

Years pass and three of the nine have been killed, the film’s main character John Smith, is targeted as the fourth.

He and his guardian Henri travel from town to town avoiding the assassins but its not long before they catch up.

In the current town called Paradise John falls in love and decides that he wont run any more, he will stand and fight.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film as it had fantastic animations, a good plot line and had just the right amount of action. I’d definitely recommend it and I hope there’s a sequel. :)

Rating – 8/10

Matt’s review of  “I Am Number Four”

If you enjoyed Jumper you’re going to love this, there’s a very similar feel to it.

John Smith, the main character, is an alien on the run and hiding from other aliens who destroyed his home world, now I know that sounds kind of a “cliche” crappy story line, but don’t worry, it doesn’t get in the way…

The movie does take a while to get going, as the relationship builds up between “John” and his love interest when he moves to another new school, and there’s some rather predictable school kid dynamics (the outcast geek being picked on by the jocks) to get through, not helped by the love interest coincidentally being the jock’s ex, so bringing obvious conflict to a head, giving John the ideal opportunity to try out his newly emerged powers…

So yeah, a bit predictable, but still great to watch and nicely done.

The lost dog turning out to be a guardian, again, really not a surprise, standard kinda formula.

but then we get to the final show down in the high school with the big bad aliens and it all comes together in some fun action scenes that are nicely put together.

The movie really isn’t groundbreaking, in any way, but I enjoyed it enough that I’d not only watch it again on DVD,

I’ll also go and watch the sequel, if they make one, and not just because I liked “number Six”… ;-)

Rating – 7/10

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