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Inception Movie Review

Inception Movie Review

Gemma – Inception Movie Review

I think this is the best film I have seen this year, and Leonardo Dicaprio, who played Cobb, was great in it, as were Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Arthur) and Juno star Ellen Page (Ariadne).

Inception starts out a bit confusing, but once the film gets going things are explained and you easily begin to love this film, sitting on the edge of your seat eager to learn more about the weird dream worlds that Cobb and his team can induce.

They soon come up with a plan which proves to be a lot tougher to carry through than first thought. Cobb has to face up to his secrets and deal with his guilt, and Ariadne helps him to do this.

Cobb ends up in a sort of limbo with one member of his team and he has to find him and bring him back out of the dream, which is the scene the film starts with.

The film ends when Cobb see’s his kids again, but it ends on a cliff hanger and you have to decide whether you think it is the real world that he’s in, or if he is still in a dream.

That’s a great ending, leaving every viewer in suspense, bubbling with the emotion and thrill of the film.

I would recommend this film to anyone who loves good films, although it is more suitable for adults rather than children, because of the complexity.

I would easily rate this as a 9/ 10 for it’s originality.

Score: 9/10

Sam – Inception Movie Reviews

I thought Inception was amazing because the storyline was brilliant!

The movie is based around dreams and being able to steal information or plant an idea in someone’s subconscious, and to do so the person stealing things or the ‘extractor’ must get their target to sleep via special drugs.

They then enter the person’s subconscious, sometimes having to plunge into a dream within a dream and then steal the information before they are discovered by being killed by the targets subconscious which fights against them.

In the movie there is an ace team of extractors that are discovered while trying to steal information from someone who, once he is out of the dream, hires them to plant an idea in someones mind which is supposed to be impossible…

They plunge the target into a quadruple layered dream which is extremely risky because if they’re killed by the targets subconscious their mind gets stuck in limbo, leaving them mindless and mad back in the real world.

One of my favorite parts is when they’re in the 2nd dream in a hotel and the gravity changes and they all begin to float because the van that they’re in in the previous dream drove off of a bridge and is spinning through the air falling towards the river below.

The ending is brilliant because there’s four different climactic endings, one in each dream, which has an amazing effect.

At the very end, once they escape the dreams you’re left wondering if they escape into reality or yet another dream…

Score: 10/10

Matt – Inception Movie Reviewed

For once, this is one of those films where trailer not only doesn’t give you all the best bits from the movie, but in fact doesn’t even do it justice!

This is actually a lot more than a movie with excellent special effects (and they are particularly good), it’s actually a clever movie that makes you think, and yet at the same time isn’t too “deep” that it’s out of grasp.

The ideas presented are deep and complex, as opposed to just complicated and confusing, to the extent that Gemz & Sam both “got it” and enjoyed the movie far more than I was expecting them too because of that.

DiCaprio’s portrayal of Cobb’s self torture and simple “messed up-ness” is really well done, and the other main actors don’t drop the ball, with quite a mix of characters and roles, which change across the different levels of “reality” they experience.

It can get a bit tricky to keep up with the multiple “levels” of reality as the characters and the movie goes deeper, but then it all starts pulling together in a truly unusual way, effectively giving you numerous different climactic endings all converging at once!

I was expecting to enjoy this movie, but came away having enjoyed it far more than I expected, so a real hit for me!

Score: 9/10

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2010-08-31 13:02:29

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Comment by danny
2010-11-22 15:57:06

The final hour of the film, is possibly one of the most complicated action sequences put on film. You have to constantly be paying attention to remember all of the layers of what is happening. Without spoiling anything, all I have to say is that is what this film is about, that is what makes this film so great, layers. Once you have seen this you will now what I am talking about.

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