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Jack Reacher Movie Review

Jack Reacher: Reaches a Little Too Far

To begin this Jack Reacher movie review, it is perhaps important to point out the obvious. The film is asking quite a lot for fans to believe that Tom Cruise is a 6’5” character that fans adore.

In fact, considering how small he is, even on screen, popcorn thriller fans are about the only ones who won’t feel the sting of an actor desperately seeking his next picture, beyond an overdone and burned our Mission Impossible Franchise.

Cruise does present his lines with his trademark charismatic charm. This helps to soften the blow that some fans may experience with the character. Although, there is a lacking depth of honesty in his overall portrayal and that can be a downer for those who watch a film to become invested in a character, even when it is only for a couple of hours.

Of course, action fans looking for this movie to mirror the MI movies since Cruise is in the starring role will be terribly disappointed.

While there are some thrilling moments, they do not compare to the intense scenes that Ethan Hunt goes through. Which devote fans of Jack Reacher will appreciate. After all, this is a character that it stoic and able to fight the enemy with incredibly fast reflexes.

Thankfully, the movie recovers partially because of the solid dialogue that it offers. With the exception of Rosamund Pike who portrayed a character that came across as unemotional and lacking any authenticity. Beyond that, the remainder of the cast of script worked to create a movie that gives you a decent escape for a couple of hours.

Cinematography and directing in this film are very solid, thanks to Oscar winning director McQuarrie who is known for his film, The Usual Suspects.

He presents this film which follows Ex-Army cop Reacher, as he is called back after spending time off the grid, when four women and a man are randomly shot in Pittsburg.

Upon his summoning, Reacher meets with Helen Rodin, who doesn’t want to clear her father’s client’s name. However, he agrees to do so, if she takes the time to learn about the victims in the case. After she does so, things are set into motion and the real killer and intended victims are then sought out.

All this is done in a manner that is fair enough that casual fans of the book series will appreciate it and that is important to consider while reaching this Jack Reacher movie review.

Overall, this is going to be a film that is worth a view for older audiences. The gritty action and language may offend some sensitive members of the family.

It does hold a PG-13 rating, so older children will likely hear and see worse at school. The film is based on the book, One Shot by Lee Child. Despite making more than $200 million, chances of a second film that will result Jack Reacher movie review are unlikely at this time.

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