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John Carter

John Carter, the movie

Matt’s Review:

This is one of the easiest movies to describe that I’ve seen in ages, it’s simple, mad fun!

The plot doesn’t really hold any surprizes, but it doesn’t need to, it entertains, it does ok at getting you to ‘engage’ with the characters, although sometimes it can be difficult to tell who’s who amongst the horde, and it drives along the action fast enough to keep you involved.

The movie’s not exactly short, at 2 hours 12 mins, but it really didn’t feel that long, there was only one short section where my interest started to waver, and it didn’t last.

I especially enjoyed the bad guy asking the ‘uber’ bad guy why he’d given him the ‘super weapon’ if he won’t let him kill anyone with it… lol!

There’s a good amount of humour mixed in, although you may not end up rolling in the isles, you’re likely to get a good chuckle quite a few times.

And of course there was the inevitable family embarressment ‘Laugh Out Loud’ moment, when me, Gemma & Sam not only laughed a “little” too loudly, but were the only one’s in the theatre to laugh at all, ooops!

The special effects and animation were top notch, although we watched in good old fashioned, regular ’2D’ rather than 3D, as we’ve found a lot of the 3D offerings seem to end up being too dark to enjoy.

And whilst the ability to “jump” doesn’t seem like much of a super power, John Carter’s certainly unlikely to get the call from Nick Fury for joining the Av engers ;) , but somehow in this movie it actually does work and is somehow cool!

It’s a movie that not only get’s a hearty ‘thumbs up’ from me, but I will also be getting it on DVD so I can watch it again.

Raying – 8/10

Sam’s Review:

John Carter is a very entertaining and exiting movie that ensnares the viewers in its story.

The movie begins with John’s nephew receiving a mysterious letter and soon launches into the action packed, yet harrowing story of how John reaches Mars and manages to save it from certain doom.

During his adventures on Mars (known to the locals as Bar’soom) John falls in love with a renegade princess and just when it seems that he would live happily ever after, he gets cruelly transported back to Earth.

Despite having bad reviews I found the movie kept my attention throughout with great action scenes and even dashes of humor. I would definatly recommend this to anyone after an action packed sci-fi adventure with brilliant animations.

Rating – 7/10

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