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Knocked Up, not a knock out?

I reckon that this movie is a great example of how you expectation of a film can have a big effect how much you enjoy it.

I wasn’t expecting too much of it, I watched it at the end of the night with a glass of wine or two as a simple DVD movie to relax with and ended up thoroughly enjoying it.

My wife on the other hand went to the Cinema to see it and was expecting it to be very funny, although I’m not sure why, the trailers weren’t that good, and she ended up being dissapointed with it.

I think this is often why people are dissapointed with sequels to their favorite movies, they go with high expectations and that makes it very difficult for the movie to be as good as the original.

Anyway, back to Knocked Up..

It starts off introducing the two main characters lives and background and only starts to get either interesting or funny when their worlds collide with the unsurprising (given the movies title) result of suddenly having more in common that they planned.

The journey they go on together and then seperately, before coming back together for the somewhat “hollywood” style ending, didn’t have me falling off my seat in laughter, but some moments really do make the film well worth the “quieter” moments.

My personal favorite is easily the “magic mushroom” fuelled trip to Vegas, especially the Chairs scene in the hotel.

I’m quite happy that I waited for this one on DVD, rather than paying over the top to watch it on the big screen, and I’m not going to be in a rush to watch it again, but it was perfect for a quiet night in with a drink or two to relax.

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