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Star Trek: Into Darkness Review

The Excitement of Star Trek: Into Darkness

The Star Trek Into Darkness Movie was made just as much for the fans as it was for the general public. It’s a great science fiction action movie that barely sits still for a minute, giving every single moviegoer a fun ride. For long-time Star Trek fans, it’s full of references that jump out even when you’re completely engrossed in the action of the plot.

Even in the opening scene, we hear Spock allude to the sanctity of the Prime Directive and the necessity of avoiding interfering with the development of alien cultures, a familiar theme in the Star Trek universe that certainly warrants a mention.

The references to the original Star Trek series will manage to entertain fans without alienating uninitiated audience members who just came for a fun science fiction action movie and some popcorn. There are enough explosions and space battles to keep anyone entertained, and the scenes of exposition are always clipped and efficient.

While many Star Trek fans still appreciate the vintage and low-budget special effects of the Original Series, the special effects in the Start Trek Into Darkness Movie are excellent enough to make anyone appreciate how far the technology has come in recent years. The Enterprise in particular looks like a clean and shiny twenty-first-century update of the classic ship.

Long-time Star Trek fans will certainly appreciate a brief appearance from the Klingons, a group that managed to be a recurring nemesis and grudging ally throughout almost all of Star Trek.

The Klingons didn’t look the way they did in the Original Series, but fans are probably much more used to the way they looked in the New Trek shows, and in this film.

Part of the joy of these new Star Trek films has always been seeing our favorite characters recast as young, twenty-first-century actors keeping the franchise alive and introducing it to a whole new generation.

In this film, just like in the previous Star Trek film reboot, the actors managed to capture the essential natures of the original characters while still making the characters their own.

The standout in the main cast of characters is still Zachary Quinto as Spock. Given the hugely iconic nature of Spock’s character, it’s fortunate that the casting worked out as well as it did.

In this film, as well as in the previous Star Trek reboot, we get Leonard Nemoy starring as the older and original Spock, as if to congratulate Quinto on how successfully he’s managed to take up the new role.

Still, the entire cast performed well, managing to inhabit their roles in a way that never descends into parody, impressions, or anything else that would make the seams show too much. The dynamic between Dr. McCoy, Captain Kirk, and Spock is alive and well, and that is probably what most fans remember from the Original Series.

Overall, the Start Trek Into Darkness Movie is an extended homage to the famous and well-regarded film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Without duplicating its predecessor’s plot, the film truly captures the spirit of the classic film. Benedict Cumberbatch did an excellent job with the role of Khan Noonien Singh, giving the character a cool, icy menace. Viewers familiar with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan will certainly be kept on their toes, wondering which direction the new film is going to take the plot.

There are enough twists and turns in the plot to keep all viewers guessing, even those who are experiencing Star Trek for the first time in any medium. The Star Trek Into Darkness Movie will be able to capture a broad audience, extending beyond its established audience of dedicated fans.

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