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The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Movie Review

Fans of The Hobbit everywhere were surprised to see director Peter Jackson sticking to the original book instead of making up entire plot lines that held no relation to what the book originally was. Although some creative liberty was taken in order to put the movie on the silver screen, the book’s true intent remains almost as faithful as the words that Bilbo scrawls in his leather journal at the beginning of the film.

However, in stretching the movie out to turn it into three parts, Peter Jackson was able to give full attention to the little details that make The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey such a delightful and lasting tale. Careful attention is paid to the details of the twelve dwarves, including personalities and classic lines. This will have any fan of the novel jumping over themselves in excitement to see their favorite dwarf finally brought to life on film.

The famous party sequence near the beginning of the movie is true to the original book, with dwarves bouncing expensive china about while singing their iconic song. After that visual treat, audiences follow Bilbo and the dwarves on their adventure to reclaim the dwarven kingdom and its treasure from the great dragon Smaug.

Through the careful attention to detail, viewers find themselves whisked through Middle Earth on a wild and exiting adventure. Featuring trolls, worgs, goblins and orcs, the first leg of the dwarves’ adventure takes them to the iconic Rivendell and beyond. Even those audience members who have never read The Hobbit will have no problems keeping up with the storyline in The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey.

In true fashion of the original story, the adventurers find themselves facing one peril after another, as an array of forces try to prevent them from reaching the dragon’s lair at all. But in placing all of these adventures with true to book detail on the large screen, the story seems like it hardly has a chance to get started before it draws to an epic and anticipation-building cliff hanger of an ending.

The 169 minutes of screen time doesn’t drag out, however. There are enough adventures and battles to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, while giving fans of the book every little visual goodie that they have always imagined from the pages of the original. In fact, the movie is so action packed that audience members find the film to be energy well spent and an evening of enjoyment that the entire family can enjoy.

Those who have read the book know what is coming in the second installment, but even for those who aren’t familiar with the story, the wait for the next movie is difficult. Peter Jackson sets up the ending of the novel, with the thrush awakening the dragon Smaug from his decades-long sleep, in the perfect way to draw the audience in for the next film.

Overall, The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey treats those familiar with the book and those who have never heard of a hobbit in their lives to the same adventurous tale of intrigue and excitement. With the next installment due out in December 2013, millions are anxiously waiting to see what shenanigans will further stand between the dwarves and their treasure

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