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Toy story 3 Movie Review

Toy story 3 Movie Review

Gemma – Toy story 3 Movie Review

I was thrilled to hear that Pixar were doing another Toy Story, so of course I just had to see it, and it took a bit of convincing to get my dad to take my brother and I to see it.

I had heard great comments from friends about it and told dad, he checked out the film online and agreed to take us.

I found that the film had a more modern animation of the cartoon than that of the original, so improved the quality of viewing.

I was a bit upset to find that a few of the characters were not in this one, like Woody’s ‘girlfriend’ Bow Peep, but there were some great new characters in the film which soon made up for it.

The film had that same action theme as the first two, but like the second had a sad undertone, because Andy is leaving for college which causes a spiral of events where the toys end up imprisoned at a day care centre.

Near the end of the film, the toys end up on their way into an incinerator and think it’s the end for them, they all join hands in a pledge to go together, and it’s a very emotional moment in which I think nearly everyone in the cinema was close to tears.

That’s not it, either, the toys manage to get back to Andy who bids a final farewell to them as he passes them on to a young girl, who is a lot like he was when he was younger.

The scene is once again very emotional as he says goodbye to Woody and the gang and leaves for college. I would give this film an 8/ 10 because of the emotion in it.

Score: 8/10

Sam – Toy Story 3 Review

I enjoyed toy story because it was an action packed and heart warming ending to the trilogy where Andy has grown up and is off to college and the toys are either into the rubbish or into the attic.

A terrible mix-up occurs while the toys are being moved to the attic and Andy’s mum mistakes them for rubbish, so they end up getting put outside in a binbag.

Luckily they escape and end up getting taken to a daycare center which is ruled by a seemingly nice teddy bear.

Woody decides to return to Andy and escapes, little does he know that his friends left in the daycare center would soon discover that the teddy bear in charge, Lotso, had a darker, more evil side.

Meanwhile woody manages to find out that the daycare center isn’t a nice place for toys and he heads back to try and save his friends.

Woody succeeds in freeing them from Lotso’s grasp, or so he thinks…

the toys then have to battle their way out of many horrific ‘situations’ (including an incinerator) before eventually getting home to Andy.

Every thing ends well as the daycare center is turned into a nice place for toys and Andy gives his childhood companions to a delighted new owner.

To be honest I think it would have been a more interesting ending if they’d been killed in the incinerator! lol! :twisted:
score: 9/10

Matt – Toy Story 3 Reviewed

Another movie that I hadn’t really been planning on seeing, I was looking forward to watching the A-Team, but “democracy” had it’s way and I got outvoted again…

To be fair, I checked out the reviews for the movie and it sounded like it was probably going to be a better movie to watch than the A-Team, with some pretty impressive reviews.

Some of the reviews would have us believe it’s the best Toy Story yet, but I disagree, it is very good, as all of them are, but I wouldn’t put it above the previous ones.

The important thing is that it still has all that clever ‘for the adults’ humor mixed in, cunningly disguised from the kids, although mine are now getting old enough to spot most of it and laugh at the same places I did…

The theme of the movie is very much in the style of a World War 2 Prison Escape movie, which did make for some great “action” funny moments, although I think I laughed most at some of the Barbie & Ken moments and the mad Monkey.

The toys all finding a new home at the end was a nice touch too, although I’m kinda with Sam on the idea that they could have just ended it in the incinerator! :lol:


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